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Journal Entry: Tue Oct 15, 2013, 1:06 PM
It's time for me to become a true freelance artist! So I'm opening myself up to do character commissions, and you can ask me to draw characters of ANY kind (including portraits, fan art, fan characters, etc).

All commission prices have been reduced!

For example, you can get Shaded Full-body characters for $26! (Including the First 5 Discount)



SLOT 1 - :icondahgnear: - COMPLETE!
SLOT 2 - :iconcomicmakerjoe: - COMPLETE!
SLOT 3 -
SLOT 4 -
SLOT 5 -

BASE PRICES (Discount not calculated)

Commission: Irbryn Lhug by VexusVersionCommission: Larry Madison by VexusVersion


Bust [£19] [$30]
Full Body [£22] [$35]
+ Background [+£7] [+$10]

Flats Commission Example by VexusVersion


Bust [£13] [$20]
Full Body [£16] [$25]
+ Background [+£4.50] [+$7.50]

Ink Commission Example by VexusVersion

b/w INKed

Bust [£7] [$10]
Full Body [£10] [$15]
+ Background [+£4] [+$5]

DoodleVersion: Cerberus by VexusVersion


Character [£4] [$5]
+ Flat Colour [+£1.50] [+$2.50]


  •    All characters are copyrighted to their original owners. The customer is paying for my artistic services, not the right to copyrighted material;
  •    Payment will be done over PayPal only, and payment must be made before I start the commission;
  •    I will NOT draw porn or fetish images, and I can decline a commission for any reason;
  •    I reserve the right to use any commissioned images for galleries and portfolios;


  •    Note me or Email me at with what you want me to do. I will give you a price quote;
  •    If you agree to the payment then I will talk to you about the payment process. Once PayPal confirms the payment you will be put on the queue;
  •    Once the commission is complete I will send you a high quality version of the image before posting a copy on my own gallery;
  •    If you want to add your commission to your gallery, be sure to credit me and link to this journal. Notify me too, because I want to see;

...So now I have proper free time for the first time since Christmas.

Despite that I'm still going to be busy finishing things up with graduation and all that, and also the fact that I'm currently working on a little project called Killzone Mercenaries for the PSVita. Being an internship, I'm just one step away from becoming a professional game artist and so far the job has been amazing! Because I no longer have to worry about bringing work home, I'm going to be working on Deviant Universe comics and Super Sonic Knockout once more. It's great to come back to them.

It's good to be back here for real.
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I've finally finished university for now, so I'll be using my month-long holiday to actually get some stuff done!

As soon as I get myself sleeping properly again. I've been sleeping about 3 hours every night for the past month or so...

To-do List:
  • I'm still planning on doing my part of the Cross vs Nitrania crossover from the DeviantUniverse Freedom War storyline.
  • The DeviantUniverse Christmas entry.
  • I can start working on Super Sonic Knockout again!;
  • I'll be showing you guys some of the work I've done for university at last.
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Hi guys. It's been a long time since the last journal update, but this one is actually important.

On Thursday evening, my best friend and fellow artist xdante619 got involved in a head-on collision that has left him with injuries that require surgery. Said injuries aren't life-changing affairs though and he's still his usual talkative self, though he won't be able to leave the hospital for a couple of weeks and he won't fully recover for a couple of months.

Obviously, that means that he won't be able to participate in this months DU challenge and possibly the next. The Thunderous Brigade story that he was working on is also on hold. Funnily enough, he's more frustrated about this more than anything else (that and not being able to have his broken limbs replaced with Terminator parts...) He would have told you this himself but the internet service at the hospital has banned DA for some reason.

Regardless, let's all wish him a speedy recovery!

UPDATE: April 16th
Just so you guys were all aware, he has just come out of his major surgery and is doing a-OK. No more complications to worry about.
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I've finally released a new demo of Super Sonic Knockout. It's been around 2 years since the last one came out!

Head over to to download the new demo for free!

And with that, my summer holiday is now over. Short of the summer when I went to Disneyworld (because I think that is gonna be hard to beat), this has been the best summer ever. I got to do all kinds of things and really get a chance to work on what I love best: games and art. I don't seem to be in the mind of slowing down though, AFL is coming up, and Land of the DAead is still waiting for me.

I'll see you guys around!
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Now that I've submitted all my university work for this year, I feel like I can show it off to you guys. To do this I made a new YouTube channel, and some of the stuff I did will eventually be submitted here.

Just head over to to see some of the stuff I had to spend alot of my time with in the past few months!

To-do List:
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Hi guys. I know its been a while, but its crunch time at university and I have an animation to finish. Oh the joy! In the mean time, I managed to create a new gameplay trailer for my ongoing game project as part of this weekly update thing I'm doing for it (learning to keep non-work related deadlines one step at a time!)

You can see it be clicking HERE.

I'm still looking for a sprite artist to help me out with the project. The possibility of sorting these sprites out myself is not impossible, but daunting. If you would like to help (or know someone who might), send me a note!

When more of this uni work has been done, expect more SSK and DAead developments... among other things.

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Due to life issues, the ever supportive sprite artist :iconmc-katanga: has had to leave the Super Sonic Knockout fan-game project. Now that I've sorted out various higher priorities with the game, I'm looking for a character sprite artist.

For Demo 5, I'm looking for someone who can help me create character body parts. Preferably they should be able to heavily edit and/or create custom sprites. Being easy to contact is also a plus.

If you are interested send me and e-mail with the subject "SSK Sprite Artist" to "" with an example of your work. I suggest reading This Blog Post for the whole story. (I've forgotten to mention that the blogsite also updates every Sunday)

To-do List:
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My lack of activity pretty much anywhere is due to the passing of my great uncle and everything that comes along with that. Its been hectic for the parents. I'm glad that I managed to get to know and talk to him in his last days, considering I saw him so little of him before.

In more cheerful news, I now have a Facebook account, and you guys can find me at my Profile Page.
I'm mainly gonna be using it to show off all my work to people who only use Facebook, as well as catch with people I haven't seen in ages. Give me a holler on there.

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Today I've switched servers for my Super Sonic Knockout blogsite, so as to stop the recurring problems the site has had over the past couple of months. If you have them, please be sure to change your bookmarks and RSS to the new domain:

To-do List:
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Happy New Year everybody! Once again, it's been too long since I updated here. Time to remedy that and hopefully get some kind of response along the way XD.


First off, some news regarding Super Sonic Knockout:
Here is a decent-quality gameplay video for you...
...And the blog post about it.

Celebrating the new year with a bang I hope. I'm now at the point in development where I'm working only on new content. This should make the following 12 months more exciting than last year by far.


I'll be getting myself a new top-of-the-line PC on Wednesday with a brand new monitor, the things I need for a games design course at university eh?

This computer should put my artistic troubles to rest, as this 6-year old computer is an increasingly major reason why I haven't been doing any art worth submitting. That should change soon I assure you.

I'll see you guys around!
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Just wanted to point out that I released a new SSK gameplay video not too long ago, so -click to watch and spread the word!-

I'm currently sorting out the last steps of getting into university to do Computer Games and Visual Effects, which I'm really looking forward to. I'm sure that AFL4 and DAead will stop me from getting out of practice.

One last thing: If any of you guys haven't seen Inception or Scott Pilgrim in the cinema recently, I recommend going out and watching them before you have to wait to get it on disc. To sum up, Inception is one of the best films I've seen recently and Scott Pilgrim is a really exciting film to watch. Seen any other new movies worth watching?
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Hey guys, as some of you may already know, I'm gonna be on holiday for a while. Long story short I will be without a scanner, but I shouldn't be without the internet.
This means that during the 8th of August till the 13th, I will still be able to release new information about -SSK- for the -SAGE 2010- Event (a fangame expo that will be showing off some awesome free games this year).

Current To-do List:

See you soon guys!
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Today I released the first video I've made in 2 years, some gameplay for the new demo of my ongoing project Super Sonic Knockout. Some of the footage is months old though and things have improved since. There are plans for more videos like this in the near future too.

Click to watch the video!

In other news, I'm working on a warm-up comic for DAead and I'll post that among other things when I can bother to finish them.
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It's been a great 10 years for media hasn't it. It's my turn to tell you what I remember the most about the 2000s.

These are the media that more than any other, not just became favourites of mine, but
influenced my life or how I think about a certain things.
It had to be MADE in this decade (except for 'Discovery'), meaning imports that I saw in the 2000s but were
made at an earlier time didn't count in this selection...

Game of the Decade: Sonic Adventure 2
"I have clocked more hours on this game than any other. To me this game was almost perfection back then."
Contenders: - Modern Warfare, Kingdom Hearts (series), Final Fantasy X, Burnout 3: Takedown

Film of the Decade: District 9
"An action sci-fi movie with an excellent plot and a stunning climax? Sounds like the movie I've been waiting for all decade."
Contenders: - The Dark Knight, Watchmen, Matrix Reloaded, Avatar, Paprika

Serial of the Decade:    Heroes
"Like it or hate it, the continuing story of this groundbreaking series has kept me glued to every episode."
Contenders: - Fringe, Takeshi's Castle, Mythbusters

Toon of the Decade:      Teen Titans
"This got me back into watching cartoons. It was well-paced, well animated, and well written."
Contenders: - Ben 10, TMNT 2K3, Xiaolin Showdown

Anime of the Decade:     Full Metal Alchemist (Both)
"This anime took me to places emotionally that no other anime made this decade has done."
Contenders: - Death Note, Yu-gi-oh

Album of the Decade:     Maroon 5: Songs about Jane
"Long car trips drifted away with these songs playing. My whole family can sing to these songs (and rather well too)."
Contenders: - Lady Gaga: The Fame Monster, Michael Jackson: Invincible

Artist of the Decade:    Tetsuya Nomura
"His artist style is clear, bold and colourful. I love the style to bits."
Contenders: - Yoshitaka Amano, Ayami Kojima

Discovery of the Decade: Broadband
"Without it I wouldn't have solidified my path to game designing as a career."
Contenders: - Evangelion, Game Making Software

If you could spare the time, maybe you can write a comment or your own journal on your most influential media of the decade. I'd like to read them.

Happy New Decade everyone! Lets make this decade of media even greater than the last!
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I will deny you no longer. You've been waiting far too long for something new!

Click the link to get it now!

The new demo boasts a brand new engine. I've been working on this demo for 7 months from start to finish, and has new features like Training & Tag-team matches, new skills to master, and plenty of fun.

There are 2 notes I want to make. 1) there are only 5 characters, though they have been redone and rebalanced with new moves... 2) the last cutscene for Story Mode (stage 3) is missing because I ran out of time doing alot of debugging. Oh well, I set myself this deadline to see what I could do and now its time to show you!

Any questions? Comment here or follow one of the forum links on the sidebar and post something there.
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After almost a year of no journals and hardly any updates from me across the internet, I think it's time to say something here...

A lot of my work lately seems to be either behind-the-scene stuff that isn't that interesting or college-based boredom. Truth be told until a month ago I never put much work into college because school is, for the first time, getting really boring. Because of that I spent less time studying and now I have to pay that back by doing overtime.

I'm back at a much more comfortable level but I still have to put in the work for another month or two before I can kick back for a bit. Still I'm managing my time much better now so I've managed to get other things done as well.

For instance, I'm still working on Super Sonic Knockout's new engine. The features are all in there now, so I can now work on refinements and content. You may have noticed that I've also setting up some advertising. The fangame event known as S.A.G.E is coming up and I want to get a brand new demo out for July to be part of it.

Thats pretty much it. Don't expect another journal soon okay?
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So, I've been spending quite a while at home doing what I love doing. It's time for a progress report of sorts.

Today I finally decided to get Gears of War. Completed the first act on Hardcore mode in the single campaign, and I'm loving it so far. Should have got the game sooner, especially since Gears 2 is coming out soon.

SSK and the SSK tutorial project are coming along nicely. The first tutorial of the bunch: Combos, has the characters programmed and combos (almost) finished. I now have to sort out hit and combo registration. The game itself is having another re-optimization, mainly with background tiles and the characters themselves. I will still need to start out on Volcan's sprites and I will be asking for help when the time comes.

Chaos Chronicles is going over one more script run-though to check for consistancy and the like, but artwork on a small introduction chapter has already started. The first chapter will have it's own minisite on my website and will come with information regarding the setting and it's characters, along with Chapter 0 - The Minus Codex. A teaser site will be made next week.

Thats all for now. I'm really looking forward to the next couple of weeks.
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If any of you might remember, today is the 23rd so all my college courses are done for the year. This means that I can get back into the flow and pace you guys usually see me at AKA not much faster XD.

Here is the lowdown. The SSK tutorial project is to start very soon starting with the most requested tutorial: Coding combos (seriously, I've had like over 30 people request this tutorial above everything else). The second on my list will be simple character spawning, something also requested alot.

The actual game is also being worked on, with a couple of tweaks to the graphic engine and speed issues. Larger inclusions to the current build include the fully working slot machine in the Casino Paradise arena and a super destructible surprise waiting in the now complete Twinkle Snow arena. I am currently working on the Starlight City stage.
The only things slowing me down for SSK is how I am going to program Cream/Cheese and actually finishing Volcan's sprites. He currently has now sprites for attacks. If you are an able Sonic Battle style spritist than I'd like to hear from you.

I will keep you all updated :D
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I'm halfway through my exam period, so I'll finish my college year on Friday :D.

So I've been allowed a day or so to get some me time in, and the first things on the agenda were SSK and Chaos Chronicles. Don't expect either to be in your face anytime soon, but there are some new things in SSK to show eventually and Chaos Chronicles is almost finished in the scripting phase.

Chaos Chronicles is probably going to be a couple of years worth of commitment. The script has taken ages to do but I've finally gathered a cohesive story worth writing about. Expect more on this and SSK in the summer.
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